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We believe that Natural Medicine should be driven by scientific research and human values, and our Team will add value to your time, so you can do more with less.
Many of us have a career in other industries including: FinTech, Marketing, IT and Product development. All our practitioners are graduated from EU universities, and we hope this wealth of experience will give you a broad perspective while discussing your unique story with us.

Natural Medicine is a body of practices aimed to help the body heal itself. But our specialists can go to the next level with you.

The meeting is online, through Skype, and your conversation is not recorded. Any data you exchange with us (eg. your iris) is AES 256 encrypted, and we fully comply with GDPR.

In general, this is what you get by joining one of our plans:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Schedule multiple Visits
  • One-to-one with a professional advisor
  • Learn Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Common diseases, prevention and treatment
  • How to improve at School or Uni
  • How to build strong relationships
  • Find Jobs in digital and analog space
  • Create a realistic Roadmap
  • Track Progress in your Dashboard
  • NDA (confidentiality agreement) available
  • Next Steps

Your tutor will look for weaknesses, strengths and ways to reestablish a balance in your life. This is a collaborative effort and you'll discuss what may work best for you.

Measurable results are important if we want to improve, and tracking progress will help you to move forward in your journey.

Continuous Improvement is a culture and you'll need to take few steps, in small increments, if you want to improve.
More importantly, your tutor will work with you all the time with trust. When trust is shared, good things will happen.

Our practitioners support the Manifesto published on our website, which in turn promote human values.
For example, if you join a Life Coach plan, your tutor will suggest you how to develop a positive attitude in life, how to build strong relationships , how to make the right choice in business, and what jobs are in hi-demand. He may also guide you on how to achieve optimum health in the long-term.

These recommendations come from real life experience, not from books.

We believe that scientific research should be ethical, and driven by Human Values. We support the Manifesto of Natural Medicine, and our approach aims to develop strong qualities in the individual.

  Our Team
  • Certified Iridologists
  • Certified Nutrition Advisors
  • Certified Life Coaches
  • Certified Natural Doctors
  • Certified Yoga Teachers
  • Psychologists