PLC-Plan Life Coach

Price: 1200.00 GBP

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We believe that Life is too important to be wasted. Our Team is motivated by servant leadership, with many years of experience in Life coaching.
But we don't live in a box, so many of us have a career in other industries as well, including: FinTech, Marketing, IT and Product development. All our practitioners are graduated from EU universities, and we hope this wealth of experience could give you a broad perspective while discussing your unique story with us.

Life Coaching is a methodology, designed to help you achieving a balance in your personal and professional life. Agile and Lean principles, as well as the practice of Human Values, contribute to form a Life Coach, which is a servant leader focusing on helping others to achieve their goals.
By definition, this role is broad and is best covered by individuals having medical, technical and business skills, because this is the domain knowledge expected in this role.

This is what you get by joining this plan:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Schedule multiple Visits
  • Define business and personal objectives
  • Identify RAID and ways of growth
  • Explore the RAD model
  • Agile and Lean principles
  • Create OKRs and a realistic Roadmap
  • Track Progress in your Dashboard
  • Human Values applied to NM
  • Optimum Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Next Steps

The Life Coach looks for weaknesses, strengths and ways to achieve your goals. He will help you to create a Roadmap, so that you'll be able to measure your progress and move forward.

Measurable results are important if we want to improve, and since our body is made of food, Nutrition and Lifestyle are also important to achieve your goals. Eventually, since everyone is different, you'll need to try and adopt what works better for you.
But remember: the Life Coach will not fix your problems. Rather he'll expose them, so that collaboratively you can work with your Coach and fix them. Continuous Improvement is a culture and you'll need to take responsible actions, in small increments, if you want to improve.
More importantly, the Coach will work with you in order to build a collaborative environment based on mutual trust. When trust is shared, good things will happen.

The Life Coach is with you all the time.
He'll tell you how to succeed in a business, for example opening your own company, finding what is the condition of the market, which roles are in high demand, what are the top challenges today, how to use social media for marketing, how to express ourselves through Yoga, Tai Chi, Art, Music, or helping others to succeed.

He'll also be able to suggest how to develop a positive attitude in life, how to build strong relationships , how to improve at school or university , and how to achieve optimum health.

The recommendations of your Life Coach come from real life experience, not from books, and apply to individuals from 6 to 90.

We believe that scientific research should be ethical, and driven by Human Values. We support the Manifesto of Natural Medicine, and our approach aims to develop strong qualities in the individual.

  Our Team
  • Certified Iridologists
  • Certified Nutrition Advisors
  • Certified Life Coaches
  • Certified Natural Doctors
  • Certified Yoga Teachers
  • Psychologists