Everything will come to an end, so nothing really matters?

While the first part is definitely a common experience, we'd probably ask a few more questions before jumping to conclusions.

For example, in quantum mechanics we accept the quantum field as a fundamental entity and the particle, eg. a photon, is just an excitation of the photon field - and a photon has no existence outside its field.

A quantum field is analogous to an infinite collection of harmonic oscillators and it has an equilibrium. If some 'disturbance' momentarily changes the state of the field then it oscillate and start vibrating. If the vibration propagates in space through the field, the vibration is called a wave.

So the wave function describe the status of the system by giving a probability to find the particle in space and time.

Now a question could be: is this universe real? Can it be real something that appears and disappear into a 'vacuum state'?

What exactly we mean by 'we'? The body, the mind, both?

If something is real, then we'd accept that it will always be real. If it keeps on changing with time, then it cannot be real.

So reality must be independent of anything else, including time and space.

For example, we go to sleep and we dream. Everything looks real until we wake up and we realize it was just a dream. Our dream was depending on time, as our current waking state.

This world then becomes a collection of events that we call facts, like the news we read in the newspapers and anything that happen in the world.

You may say, "well, but wars and people dying are certainly not unreal".

What else? They cannot be more real that you (we) are.

If we're able to measure a change, then there must be a reference that is not changing, so we can register the discontinuity.

And if that reference doesn't change with time it must be real.

So, as we start to realize in the 'measurement problem' of quantum mechanics, that reference cannot be found outside, with us acting as observers, because we're also part of the system.

Inevitably to discover that reality we need to dig inside.

The bottom line is that though the universe is not real, it does matter because by going beyond it we can realize the ultimate reality whom everything else is just a reflection.

The Indian culture called this reality Atma and it can only be proven by union with it. [1]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandukya_Upanishad


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Saturday, 02 December 2023