What are 3 things to prevent weight gain?

1. Eat only if you're hungry. Getting extra calories when you don't need will tell your body to store them as fat. Fat by itself is not a bad thing. It helps to insulate the body against thermal swings, it protect organs and tissues from mechanical shock, it's a reserve of energy pretty much like a battery. But too much fat may trigger unwanted issues such as: extra strain on knee joints, extra load on the heart and the circulatory system; risk of fat accumulating in the blood vessels to form plagues (Atherosclerosis), then vessel may lose elasticity leading to higher blood pressure and higher risk of stroke. Bear in mind that the more you weight the more you want to eat, an the less you want to move. In other words you're sabotaging yourself. A quick win? Fasting, or even better Intermittent Fasting. No, it's not that bad and you'll actually enjoy skipping those extra calories for a while because you'll get back your energy and you'll get a clearer mind too.
With a clearer mind it is more unlikely that we continue to sabotage ourselves.

2. Avoid junk food. Soft drinks, energy drinks, so-called natural supplement, cakes, and snacks and all types of processed food are packed with harmful chemicals that can disrupt the delicate balance of digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas into the small intestine. The result is anti-nutrients poisoning our blood which will make harder for the liver to work. With extra fat we increase the risk of heart diseases and cancer. If we eat what our body needs to function properly, we help ourselves to stay healthy, and to improve our quality of sleep too. In fact it's especially during sleep time that our liver works to detox the blood.

3. Exercise. If we're overweight or on a junk-food diet we'll find unpleasant the idea of exercising.
That's normal because extra calories stored as fat (adipose tissue) tend to made us lazy.
But if we exercise while overweight we could also do more harm than good. A common misconception is: "I eat what I want, then I'll run to burn extra calories". While this approach may seems reasonable, it's incomplete and will unnecessarily strain our heart and joints. It's like running with a heavy backpack on our shoulders.
Exercise and nutrition must go together if we want to promote long-term health and fitness.
Bear in mind that exercising while we're overweight will not help developing muscles.
Instead, if you want 6-packs try losing weight by adopting a balanced diet and do IF as a habit first. Then you'll be surprised to find out how much energy is available to you for your 6-packs exercise.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023